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Secret Service agents briefly evacuate part of the White House after an intruder was spotted running through the grounds.
Posted: September 20, 2014, 4:28 am
Police searching for a man accused of killing an officer say they have limited the area in which he can hide, as the manhunt enters a seventh day.
Posted: September 20, 2014, 2:49 am
An Egyptian man accused of helping to plan the 1998 bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania pleads guilty in a New York court.
Posted: September 20, 2014, 1:50 am
An Egyptian man accused of helping to plan the 1998 bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania has pleaded guilty in federal court in New York.
Posted: September 20, 2014, 1:45 am
Six Russian fighter jets are intercepted by American and Canadian planes off the coast of Alaska on Wednesday, US defence officials confirm.
Posted: September 19, 2014, 11:40 pm
Why authorities refuse to ban disruptive protesters
Posted: September 19, 2014, 10:58 pm
US President Barack Obama launches the new 'It's on Us' campaign, which aims to prevent sexual assault at American universities.
Posted: September 19, 2014, 9:36 pm
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he 'got it wrong' in dealing with issues of domestic violence that have plagued the league over the past weeks.
Posted: September 19, 2014, 9:01 pm
Alibaba's shares closed significantly above their initial price on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday, a sign of the excitement surrounding the Chinese internet giant.
Posted: September 19, 2014, 8:31 pm
A wildfire in California has doubled in size in just 12 hours, forcing thousands to leave their homes. Kaitlin Lewis of KFBK Radio News is in Sacramento near the site of the fire.
Posted: September 19, 2014, 8:30 pm
Actors, athletes and musicians join the White House in a public drive to prevent sexual assault on US university campuses.
Posted: September 19, 2014, 8:04 pm
Law enforcement's domestic abuse problem
Posted: September 19, 2014, 7:44 pm
Police are more prone to domestic violence than NFL players, Qatar's internet speech crackdown, and a positive spin on Chinese "ghost towns".
Posted: September 19, 2014, 7:44 pm
A federal jury in Georgia convicts three people in connection with a salmonella outbreak that sickened hundreds and caused nine deaths in 2008-09.
Posted: September 19, 2014, 6:57 pm
Thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes in northern California after a wildfire burning out of control doubled in size in just 12 hours.
Posted: September 19, 2014, 9:31 am
US President Barack Obama names Richard Verma as the next ambassador to India, the first Indian-American to step into that role.
Posted: September 19, 2014, 6:28 am
A grandfather shot dead his daughter and her six children before taking his own life at a home in Bell, Florida, police say.
Posted: September 19, 2014, 5:36 am
President Obama has thanked Congress for their strong bipartisan support that "shows the world Americans are united in confronting the threat from Isil".
Posted: September 19, 2014, 12:48 am
President Obama says Congress's backing for his $500m plan to aid moderate Syrian rebels shows that the US is united against Islamic State.
Posted: September 18, 2014, 11:48 pm
Is the American Dream alive in Palm Springs?
Posted: September 18, 2014, 11:13 pm
What you miss when living off the grid
Posted: September 18, 2014, 11:12 pm
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford thanks his supporters and tells them he will beat the rare, aggressive cancer he was diagnosed with earlier this week.
Posted: September 18, 2014, 9:01 pm
Will fans force big business to change the NFL?
Posted: September 18, 2014, 4:41 pm
Is over-the counter birth control a conservative ploy?
Posted: September 18, 2014, 2:04 pm
Ocala city takes back a ban on baggy trousers that threatened jail time.
Posted: September 18, 2014, 6:58 am
An 82-year-old man in Miami is to be reunited with his E-Type Jaguar sports car, 46 years after it was stolen.
Posted: September 18, 2014, 3:40 am
The pitfalls of living in one of US's most desirable cities
Posted: September 18, 2014, 1:57 am
Mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has been diagnosed with a rare type of cancerous tumour.
Posted: September 18, 2014, 1:49 am
The Spanish version of the US national anthem
Posted: September 18, 2014, 12:33 am
The North American farmers who have started to plant wasabi
Posted: September 17, 2014, 11:20 pm
The US Federal Reserve says it will raise interest rates once a "considerable time" has passed after its stimulus programme ends in October.
Posted: September 17, 2014, 7:38 pm
US consumer prices fell in August for the first time since April 2013, Labor Department figures show.
Posted: September 17, 2014, 1:45 pm
The Hollywood actor, Leonardo diCaprio, has been appointed as a United Nations representative on climate change.
Posted: September 16, 2014, 10:08 pm
Part of a bridge has been demolished near Paducah in Kentucky, in the US.
Posted: September 16, 2014, 8:59 pm
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